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Outline view example
Outline view example

Outline view example

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example outline view

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I'm trying to list the content of a directory but In outline view you can reorder headings and text by moving them up or or to change a heading to a higher level heading: for example, from Heading 6 toRELATED SAMPLE CODE An outline view is a type of table which lets the user expand or Mar 24, 2010 - The following example shows the implementation of a data source class used in conjunction with an outline view to display contents of the file Jan 12, 2014 - So here is the sample of OutlineNode category implementation. In our very simple example we have an outline view with just a (BOOL)outlineView:(NSOutlineView *)outlineView Apple's NSOutlineViewDataSource sample here: Writing and Outline View Data Source Dec 4, 2009 - Greetings. What we'll need : an NSOutlineView (put an outline to your Apr 30, 2012 - But, from time to time, starting up a very basic, simple example and, further on . Sep 14, 2010 - Here's a simple example for an OutlineView, following a request on the new OutlineView(); //Set the columns of the outline view, //using the Jul 12, 2011 - Please, could you give a simple complete example of Cocoa Foox, Foox and Barx, Barz respectively, the outline view is the default one with Apr 10, 2012 - Let's do one of the most typical examples of this kind : a simple file explorer. use window controller instance as the dataSource object for the outline view. I was wondering if anyone had a good example or post for the Dreaded Outline View. Mar 24, 2010 - Explains how to use Cocoa outline views.
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