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Random statement generator
Random statement generator

Random statement generator

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Jump down to the Generator sentences you can generate in the statement list and the question list of sentences combined. One-click artist It has been said by some that the thoughts and tweets of Deepak Chopra are indistinguishable from a set of profound sounding words put together in a random?Quiz -?Mentions -?AboutRandom LW-parodying Statement Generator - Less 11, 2012 - Random LW-parodying Statement Generator various people commenting on this article with suggestions, random people on the bay12 Generate a mission statement packed full of the latest buzzwords - guaranteed to impress your staff and clients! This is an online random sentence generator that was designed for language study. Simply press one of the generation buttons below. Generate quotes from over 35 categories including: Firefly, Futurama, Buffy, Star Wars, The Simpsons, The Art of War, BOFH, and many others. Your Bullshit Buzz Phrase: or proactively engineer some bullshit Sep 27, 2008 - If, like me, you think that Company Mission Statements are often not worth the fancy cards they are embossed you should take a look at Dilbert'sIf you're an artist and have been slaving away for hours at your artist statement - and it's still going nowhere - then this website is for you. "Generate!" changes the Random Sentence Generator. Repeat as required ad nauseum. The nonsense generator creates random, and often downright bizarre, sentences. Random corporate bullshit statement appears in text field; 3.
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